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Správa a údržba obce Nelahozeves


About us

We are a tourist information centre with a café. You can refresh yourself with delicious coffee, fragrant tea, refreshing beer or homemade lemonade, but we also offer pickled ermine, drowned pork, panini or delicious pates. There is also a showcase full of desserts from local suppliers.

občerstvení v infocentru

In our assortment you will find tourist cards, stamps, postcards, magnets, commemorative coins, thimbles, colouring books with motifs of Antonín Dvořák's work, pens with the Nelahozeves logo and much more.

nabidka turistických materiálů

You can find us in the station building at the Nelahozeves - zámek train station.

Vyfocená budova Infocentra


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